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Chocolate Fudge, Plain or Flavored - AAYDS

Chocolate Fudge, Plain or Flavored - AAYDS


Alan's Secret-Recipe Chocolate Fudge 

Flavors: Chocolate, Chocolate Raspberry Chambord, Chocolate Peach Schnapps, Chocolate Kahula, Chocolate Irish Creme, Chocolate Chili Pepper Cinnamon, Chocolate Amaretto


Like No Other! Alan has been making his Secret-Recipe Fudge for years now, and only he knows the recipe! (OK, maybe Robyn can find it somewhere!) Fudge lovers and fudge haters alike LOVE this one of a kind fudge! It has the chocolatey melt-in-your-mouth quality sought after by loyal Edibles Incredible customers world-wide. One taste and you'll understand why Robyn and Alan keep this recipe under lock and key!

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